May 12, 2005


So sorry for the lack of posts... No sooner did we close out a chapter of our lives (put our house on the market, give notice at our jobs, pack up, say goodbyes and move to the small town where I grew up) then my husband started his new job and my body rebelled. For the last two weeks I've had cold #4 since January - massive congestion/runny nose (would someone PLEASE explain how these two things can happen at the same time?!) interrupted with hacking coughs. I usually get one cold every other year. Greater love hath no mother, I guess.

Headed an hour south today with my sister-in-law (who is also expecting) to the nearest Target. It's baby registry time! Hopefully she won't feel nauseated and I won't feel absolutely drained by the time we get home. Maybe lunch and I.C. mochas at Panera plus a visit to Barnes & Noble will help...

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amy said...

AAAhhh!! Susan, I miss you already. It's just so weird not having you here. I hope your trip to civilization goes well today. Enjoy!