October 27, 2005


Today motherhood meant:
- Never getting to that shower I meant to take
- Staying in my pajamas until noon (not because I was being lazy, but because I didn't have a long enough block of time when it mattered enough to me to change)
- Looking at the clock to see it was 2 p.m. and, lo and behold, I hadn't eaten breakfast or lunch
- Running Nathan through 3 wardrobe changes, 4-5 burp pads, and at LEAST that many diapers... Please don't ask me how many wet wipes were used today; I couldn't tell you.
- Realizing I haven't seen the checkbook since Monday

In all my childhood games of playing house, in my dreams of what it was like to be a mom - never did any of these items make even a brief appearance. I don't feel like I bought a lemon at all and I AM still enjoying this, but I wish the fine print had been easier to read!

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amy said...

I think that's why I never wanted to have kids...all I saw was the fine print. I was all, "why would anyone want to have kids? They're just loud and sticky and you never get to sleep or shower or go to the movies anymore once you have them." Turns out there's good stuff too, like the fact that your heart explodes when they hand you a wooden spoon, but my heart also explodes when my cat jumps on me and buries his head in my neck. My yet-to-be-determined husband is going to have to point out the good stuff to me, because right now, I'm just happy as a lark having a kitten. And without the labor pains.