August 29, 2007

Night Owl

Here I am in the wee sma's, having succumbed to the temptation of web surfing, when I should be home sleeping. I need to be up and coherent enough to awaken, change, clothe and feed a toddler in order for his grandmother to pick him up at 8 a.m. Once he leaves, I get to assemble the four corners of the globe that comprise the Stanley household and pack it for a Labor Day trip to my in-laws' in Arkansas.

My anti-depressants have been out since Monday morning, and I'm starting to feel it, mood-wise. Emotional margins are getting worn thin--just seeing that a high school classmate's wife was the Iowa delegate for the Mrs. America pageant engendered the thought that I'll look extremely dumpy and Midwestern when our next class reunion rolls around.

Me. Home. Bed. Now.

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