March 09, 2010


Moms often get through a day, look at the list of things they intended to do (perhaps were even looking forward to doing, though cleaning my floors just doesn't do it for me), and wonder how on earth they could be so tired. Today? Today I already know why I'm tired.

1-Woke up and left bed ~7:50 a.m., almost an hour later than usual
2-Changed diaper and got milk for the 16 mo. old, who is teething (and not happy about it)
3-Got kids (and self) dressed, which necessitated digging through some laundry baskets & the dryer
4-Got breakfast for kids and self, the fed 16 mo. old and self
5-Let dog outside
6-Assemble needed paraphanalia for MOPS meeting this morning
7-Load kids into the car
8-Let the dog back inside, then closed him in the laundry room (thanks to his muddy paws)
9-Load tub of items into the back of the van
10-Drive to the next town for the meeting
11-Drop kids off at their respective places for childcare during the meeting
12-Return to van and retrieve my books and materials (in the rain)
13-Race to meeting room
14-Return to the rain outside to get tub of cloth diapers from another mom, then place the tub in our van
15-Meeting time (eat, watch video, dismiss for discussion time)
16-Lead/facilitate discussion
17-Hear familiar crying across the hall, and go to investigate--yes, it's my child.
18-Realize it's close to time to leave, so change child's diaper, pack up 16 mo. old's things, and return to meeting room
19-Explain that I need to leave early and arrange for my materials to be gathered together so I can get them some other time
20-Pick up second child from care site
21-Load children into the van
22-Running late, race home in ~10 minutes to pick up the dog
23-Load the dog into the van
24-Take the dog to his grooming appointment, 10 minutes late (just a bath, but most necessary!)
25-Return home to pick up parents' tool that we borrowed
26-Go to parents' house to return tool
27-Drive to store to pick up groceries
28-Return home to unload groceries
[aside from coming into the store itself, yes, the kids have been in the van since #21]
29-Return to groomer's to retrieve dog
30-Return home to unload dog, children, and various things from the morning
31-Put away groceries, feed kids lunch, unload dishwasher, put away dishes and reload dishwasher
32-Sit down and (gasp!) eat lunch myself

I may not have gotten things done on my mental list (fold laundry, put away clean clothes, organize/file paperwork, clean the floors, clean up toys, shower, work on afghan, put tub of scrap-booking supplies away), but I'll extend grace.

Today, I know why I'm tired and my to-do list is undone.

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