March 14, 2005

And So It Goes...

Why on earth is there a need for yet another blog - particularly one about motherhood?

I just read a Slate review of the recent genre of 'mommy-dom' iconoclastic books (shattering the myth about women who do it all), and feel I have a unique voice. In other words, I don't juggle the corporate world and children, my husband isn't insisting on a second income to maintain our WASP status, and my husband's electrical tools effectively disqualify our house from any mention in a Pottery Barn-lookalike contest.

Yup, we're average.

In all honesty, this is more to feed my writing itch and help keep friends updated at the same time without sending out annoying distribution emails with loads of email addresses included.

And so... it goes.

This morning (week 14 of a first pregnancy, for those playing along at home) started with flashbacks of weeks 7-13. Insomnia at 1 a.m... insomnia at 5 a.m. (forget going back to sleep; the alarm went off at 6 a.m.) Morning sickness? That's a misnomer if I've ever heard one - pregnancy-related nausea can strike at any time. This morning my digestive system (or the baby, I can't figure out which) decided it had an aversion to taking water on an empty stomach.

OK, fine; we'll try something else. Cheerios? You like Cheerios with milk?

Well... I guess those are acceptable.

I'm still feeling queasy; better take some of those ginger root supplements my doctor recommended.

Ick! No! [empty stomach]

Note: ginger root in capsule form is SO much nicer on the tongue/throat/esophagus than ginger root straight - particularly when combined with hydrochloric acid.

My list of possible food items gets smaller as smaller, since I avoid foods that have seemingly induced nausea like the plague. Call me paranoid, but I now have bad experiences with broccoli, onions, carrots, sugar, grapes, greasy food, prenatal vitamins, B vitamin supplements, water and ginger supplements.

I really wish there was something helpful my husband could do: he's reduced to watching me lean over the sink and retch, agonizing as he tries to help. I asked if he could get me a second body, as this one seems to have been usurped by an intruder outside of my control; he thought that a little beyond his ability.

Overall, I've retained my sense of humor, which I'm told is essential for parenting. I mentioned to my husband that I might just be one of the lucky ones who stays nauseated through all nine months.

He thought I seriously meant that would be lucky; now he's worried about my mental health.

: )

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