February 16, 2006

Another Gourmand on the Loose

So... this last week wasn't just adjusting to a new sleep schedule for Nathan (he's rarely awake for more than two hours at a time this way, but he's a lot more cheerful for those two hours!). In the time since I've posted, he finally finished the meds for his first ear infection, got his latest cold (and 2nd ear infection), got shades of Trent's abdominal infection (Trent stayed home from work Thursday, Friday and Monday, which means he was really sick). And Jasper (one of our dogs) was sick. Ever try getting cough syrup down a 60-70lb. dog's throat? I recommend a loving, trusting relationship before attempting it - particularly if the dog's teeth are sharp. -Oh, and we bought a house.

I've been pretty busy. Really busy. "Too busy to post" busy. It's not my fault.


Trent is now better, Nathan's on a second course of antibiotics (Amoxil last time, Cefzil this time - somewhere it must be written that children's antibiotics must be flavored a sugary bubble gum pink, which requires the most permanently staining pink dyes this world has ever seen. Oy.) and Jasper, too, is better.

I'll post pictures of the house some other time (maybe even later today, depending on how the afternoon goes), but I wanted to post pictures of Nathan's first experience with solid food.

He's been eyeing our food as we eat for a while, and recently started reaching for glasses, sandwiches, spoons and anything else that seemed food-like. I sat him in his feeding chair on Valentine's Day and made his first bowl of rice cereal. Play with the water temperature, cereal consistency - all so that bowl of sticky glue-like stuff is just perfect for putting in my child's mouth. I seriously think you could stick the bib to the kid using cereal alone.

I read in some baby reference/publication that if you give the kid a spoon of their own to hold, they don't grab for the one you're using to feed them. I gave Nathan his own little yellow spoon (that I remember using as a kid), but he chucked it over the side of his chair, reached for the spoon I was using with both hands, and rammed the spoon and its cereal contents into his mouth.

So much for the delicate eating worries:

Please note that at least one hand is "assisting" me in each picture. He seemed worried I wasn't going to get it to his mouth fast enough. If I took too long between spoonfuls, he would solicit food by leaning toward me with his mouth open.

Look out, world. Another gourmand (concerned with quantity rather than the gourmet's concern of quality) has been created.

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