February 17, 2006

Home, (Almost) Sweet Home

Great - now I'm sick.

Since I don't feel up to being terribly creative (and who knows how long I have before Nathan's up from his nap), I thought I'd share pictures of the house we're in the processing of purchasing:

In the words of the merchant in the movie Aladdin, "Do not be fooled by eets commonplace appearance..." - Thees is no ordinary house!

It was built in 1964, and some of the decor (which hasn't really been updated since then) reflects that:
Love that carpet - and the stove has an analog timer mounted on top of it, plus that always necessary feature in a kitchen: an upper electrical outlet for a kitchen clock!

This fixture has already been claimed by my brother-in-law; the light can be extended or retracted from the ceiling mount as desired... he said he'd give us an IKEA fixture in trade. I think this one will go over better in San Francisco anyway, so have at it, Brian. : )

It's a small house - two bedrooms, one bath on the main floor and another bathroom in worse condition (a steel shower with rust patches to prove it!) in the basement.

What do we like about it? Good location, good price, good-sized rooms, fairly easy updating we can do, and (for me) storage, storage, STORAGE! Seven closets:

Four good-sized storage cabinets (in addition to three walls' worth of cupboards in the kitchen):

-Even a basement workroom for Trent:

We're waiting to see if our loan application goes through, but if it does, we'll tear out carpet, install flooring, paint all of the upstairs rooms, do some electrical work (I love being married to an electrician) and put in new appliances.

Yay! Our own space to own and cuddle and boss. I've missed having our library of books since we moved here... Most of them have been boxed and in storage since May. True torture for bibliophiles like we are.

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relevantgirl said...

I hope you get it!

And when you do...

PLEASE BY ALL MEANS hug all those closets!

French people don't like closets. We have ONE small closet in our four bedroom home.

I have closet envy!