March 22, 2006

Lately in the Stanley World

Recent discoveries in Nathan's life:
Sweet potatoes (with corn, with chicken, with turkey, plain... bring 'em on)
Spinach (plain, with carrots, whatever)
Crocs (who knew they'd be incredible teething devices? Chewy and drool resistant!)
Crawling (more inchworm than crawl, but still)
Textures of all sorts (wood, corduroy, Minky, hair, anything & everything)

Recent occupiers of Mommy's time:
House, house and more house!
paint, faux finishes, flooring, design ideas (hallelujah for HGTV... I've seen some ideas I'd like to try and plenty I never want to try; they might work on one of the coasts, but not in the Midwest, where beige walls reign supreme)

Looks like we might close on the house this Friday, which would mean demolition can start that day! I'm looking forward to tearing out carpet.

Yes, Brian, we'll save the dining room light for you. : )

1 comment:

amy said...

Beige walls do not have to reign supreme. I painted my living room navy, dining room red, den aqua, office orange, and bedroom blue. Oh and the hallway bright green. Not to mention that the bathroom had pink tile, so I painted IT white. And this was all in the midwest.