January 05, 2006


I have become that which I swore to avoid; I swore to avoid this as determinedly as I would avoid a polar bear swim above the Arctic circle.

Nathan's hair has gotten a bit longer in the last couple weeks. It's long enough now on top that (if he sleeps on it just right) he has a hairstyle that's a cross between a kewpie doll and a troll: that one fuzzy tuft that refuses to lie flat.

The other day I actually licked my fingers and slicked down his hair.

Don't hate me; you don't know what you'd do in those circumstances.


As for me? Well, today's our wedding anniversary - 4 years and counting! Trent took the afternoon off work (I told him I just wanted to spend time with him as my anniversary present) and was a VERY astute husband: he walked in the door with 5 roses and a very thoughtful card that he wrote several lines in himself.

No, you can't have him. Find someone else.

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ElizaF said...

Hi there from one Mother to another :) I'm in a very cold and dark London. I roared laughting when I read your slicked down hair remark. I have done the 'lick a hankey to clean face' thing so you are not alone. (Let's form a support group :)
Don't worry about having your baby at the confrence, we brought our first born on a 3 month-long around the world trip when he was 18 weeks old AND for about 8 out of 20 plane journeys he ROARED his head off.
At your meetings, it is very likely that most of the people there will be parents themselves with "fond" memories of their kids yelling their heads off in public.
Also as a nursing Mother, you have a unique yelling stopper within arms reach i.e. if he yells, stick a boob in his mouth!