January 23, 2006

Cough & Bear It

Poor baby...

You've been wrestling with a cold for the last 2-3 weeks. It's now to the point that our morning routine includes tissues and a wet-wipe to remove the dried snot from your hair and face. It wouldn't spread so far if I could just get you to quit wiping your face back and forth on your mattress in frustration.

You simply won't stay on your back - it's like you know that one of the keys to moving is having your arms and legs in contact with terra firma. You're already pulling your knees under you and doing an occasional paralytic combat crawl. Before I know it, you'll be toddling all over the place...

I've tried saline drops, acetaminophen, a humidifier, and putting your mattress at an incline (too often I found you at the bottom of Mattress Hill with your feet elevated). Today I finally called your doctor to ask if there was more I could do... I hurt for you when you cough while nursing - so eager to eat you don't want to surrender your position, but fighting your body's need to cough. You get so frustrated it makes you cry. Well, they asked me to take you in at 4:15 today.

I hope you get better soon, sweet boy. Cradle cap boogers, congestion and coughing aren't fun for anyone.

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