January 19, 2006

Rubbing Salt in Open Nostrils

Note to self: 4-month-olds hate saline drops being dripped in their noses.

If you tilt the kid's head back, the saltwater you paid top dollar for (it has to be kid-friendly, after all; wouldn't want them to die from a toxic mixture of lethal saltwater drops, would we?) will run upwards across small cheekbones to pool around the eyelids. I confess that, despite more than a decade of wearing contacts and using saline solution myself, I had a momentary panicked thought that I might be burning his little eyes in their sockets. Rational thought soon gained the upper hand.

If you tilt child's head up, the drops (and snot) will run down the laugh creases into the small mouth, leaving the kid sputtering and spitting. I think I actually witnessed simultaneous mouth and nose bubbles being blown.

[sarcasm]One final request: could the producers of this marvelous kid-friendly saltwater at least put pretty colors in it? Clear is so... so bland as a complement to the kid's bright red face as he screams as loud as his diaphragm and lungs will allow. I think there should be two options: apple green (for the cooler-toned preference) and sunny buttercup yellow. Surely in our marketing-based society this isn't too much to ask.[/sarcasm]

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