January 17, 2006

Memory Lane

I don't have long, as the boy above (who's been sick and out-of-sorts the last few days - 'stroef', as the Dutch would say) is squalling for his next meal.

Then he lifted up his voice with a great shout and spake unto them, saying, "FEED ME!!!" - Nathan 3:51 p.m.

I've been traveling down memory lane today, and not all of those memories are mine. In order to do a scrapbook the way I want to, I needed some old pictures. Digging through a box in my mom's sewing room, I found all sorts of family memories. Locations ranged from eastern Colorado in the early 1900s to Paraguay, S.A. in the 1990s. I've never seen some of these pictures of my grandparents' and parents' generations before - among them this one that I just had to share:

My dad, age 12-18 months, trying watermelon on a picnic with his parents.

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