January 24, 2006

Sick of It All...

It's official: we're sick.

Nathan was running a low-grade fever when I took him to the doctor's office yesterday, and he's in the throes of a pretty hefty cold virus. I went to fill the prescription for his drugs before we went home from the clinic. An antibiotic (a lovely staining hot pink color) and an antihistamine in addition to acetaminophen for aches - and I do apologize for the abundance of a's in this sentence... the alliteration was (mostly) accidental. : )

I also have a cold; I wasn't using the "we" term in the annoying parental sense -Are we dirty? Do we want a diaper change? Ick. No. I, too, am sick. Coughing, sniffling, dripping...

Sorry, baby boy. I promise I'll rock you (or feed you) until you fall asleep. Every kid needs a mom who's willing to bend the rules when he's sick.

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